Unconventional (micro)credit

For Be an Idea Published December 2012 The Micro Credit Business Scheme (MCBS), launched last year, is the first of its kind in Singapore to grant loans to people with little or no income to start a business – giving them a rare chance to strike out on their own. How much does it cost… Read More

TODAY Newspaper: Sunday Special

Till death do us part Sunday Special

I got to know Pauline, Barry and their sons as well as the Phuas in 2009 when I worked on a Legacy Album project for the Lien Foundation. Their stories of love, courage, acceptance, even sorrow, stuck with me. I pitched this piece for a TODAY Newspaper Sunday Special hoping these stories of love beyond… Read More

TODAY Newspaper: Sunday Special

Jia Jia finally makes an appearance and shows off being both cute and impressively strong

How could I pass on the chance to see pandas? It was a treat to spend a few days observing these gentle giants go about their business – which was little more than eat, sleep, poo and look cute.

Challenge March 2011: cover story

Make way for co-creation

Community problems can go far beyond the ability of public agencies alone to address. To tackle local issues, what better way than to activate local muscle? Welcome to “co-creation”, where the Public Service really gets down to working together with the people.

Challenge September 2010: cover story

Is the “Always On” culture creeping up on us?

Technology-driven mobility and connectivity is freeing us from our desks. But when work is not limited to the office space, does the line between work and life become blurred?