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Unconventional (micro)credit

For Be an Idea Published December 2012 The Micro Credit Business Scheme (MCBS), launched last year, is the first of its kind in Singapore to grant loans to people with little or no income to start a business – giving them a rare chance to strike out on their own. How much does it cost… Read More

Our lives as work-at-home parents

Our lives as work-at-home parents

For Today Newspaper, Population Special Published 7 November 2012 Our lives as work-at-home parents As told to Sheralyn Tay Why the decision to have kids? Kelvin: Daphne made it quite clear from the beginning she wanted four to seven kids! Daphne: It came up quite early on when we were dating (I was 19, he… Read More

Challenge September 2010: cover story

Is the “Always On” culture creeping up on us?

Technology-driven mobility and connectivity is freeing us from our desks. But when work is not limited to the office space, does the line between work and life become blurred?