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mosAIC issue 11

mosAIC for the Agency for Integrated Care

The Agency for Integrated Care’s (AIC’s) mosAIC Jun 2012 I really enjoyed the inspiring meeting with Meredith Gresham and Malcolm Geeves, consultants from The Dementia Centre, HammondCare (HC), Australia. They were really passionate about creating home-like environments, patient-centric care and aptitude-based hiring for staff and caregivers. At their facilities, the residents stay in cottages, use… Read More

mosAIC Apr 2012

mosAIC for the Agency of Integrated Care

I never realised just how complex nutrition management was in the ILTC sector till I spoke to Karen Abbey, an experienced dietician based in Australia. Not only are residents in long-term care entirely dependent on the home to provide all their nutritional needs, the diets also need to be catered to dietary restrictions. More importantly,… Read More

Vital Science Feb 2012


A Rite of Passage: Not only have their residency postings been a period of invaluable experiential learning, the hands-on training so far – comprising two four-month postings in internal medicine and in general surgery – has helped Duke-NUS graduates cement their passion for medicine. Vital Science catches up with Dr. Ong Li Ming, Dr. Dixon… Read More

mosAIC Feb 2012

mosAIC for the Agency of Integrated Care

One of the most fun interviews for this issue was of Mdm Ee Siow Kim, 74, who donated her girlhood vintage dancing frocks to the staff of the Ling Kwang Home for Senior Citizens for the ILTC Talent Show! She was so excited about the interview and photoshoot and happy to speak to me. She… Read More

mosAIC Dec 2011

Magazine for the Agency of Integrated Care

Step-down and aged-care is one of the most critical healthcare issues Singapore society has to face. Am really stoked to be working on the AIC’s mosAIC magazine and cover important issues and challenges facing the sector. Read mosAIC online