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The newspaper is dead

“Society doesn’t need newspapers. What we need is journalism.” FREEFALL: Newspaper Revenues Crash By 29% (August 31st, 2009) 12 Things Newspapers Should Do to Survive (August 14th, 2009) Newspapers: 5 Ways to Avoid Extinction (March 24th, 2009) People who say newspapers are irrelevant or that mainstream journalism is dead miss the point are are merely… Read More

Singapore Jul-Sep 2009

Singapore (Issue Jul-Sep 2009)

Publication: Singapore /  Client: Singapore International Foundation /  Date: Jul-Sep 2009 /  Work Scope: Editorial management, feature writing /

Singapore Apr-Jun 2009

Singapore (Apr-Jun 2009)

The 2008 Start-up Enterprise Survey of Singapore (STEPS) revealed that one in five businesses were owned by those under 30. Singapore takes a further look at the growth of youth entrepreneurs in Singapore – and how some have made the most of online options.

Inspire Retail Fashion March 2009

Fashion Arora

Bollywood glamour comes alive in the hands of fashion guru, Manish Arora, whose flamboyant, cheery and cheeky creations have transformed the runways and wowed critics the world over.

Freelance Writer Rights in Singapore

The chattering around the grapevine is that MICA is launching something called the Creative Industries Freedom Network, an initiative that is expected to set out to protect the rights of freelancers in the creative field be it writers, designers or artists. This is good news and a long time coming. Freelancers here have had to… Read More

Freelance Writer Rates and Contract

Here are three free online resources I found really useful as a freelance writer. The calculator and charging guide help you decide if the freelance leap is financially viable to you, and the contract provides a good basic understanding of the rights that you should be afforded — or at least try to negotiate for.… Read More

Singapore Jan-Mar 2009

Singapore (Issue Jan-Mar 2009)

Just a year ago, Time magazine ran a cover story on foreigners in Singapore changing the cultural landscape. Now in 2009, Singapore revisits the growing new breed of residents in the island.

Inspire Retail Fashion August 2008

On your mark

The importance of protecting your trademark – and respecting others’ – cannot be underestimated. As a critical part of branding and identity, a trademark is not only the foundation of building consumer loyalty, but the surest way to establish your ownership rights.

Inspire Retail Fashion March 2008


As retailers inject the social and virtual into the shopping experience, the end result is an interactive — and sometimes surprising — buying adventure.